K.Y Auction House: Collection Gambling that Could Lead to Millions

Auction Bidding Auction Bidding

Well, someone’s managed to create a major buzz in the antiquities market and it’s coming right here in South Africa. The K.Y Auction House is taking a brand-new approach in the selling of collectibles by offering punters the chance to bid on goods that they cannot see until they receive them. This is blind bidding, goods are boxed and placed in an auction, all that is known before bids are placed is that the values of each of the boxes are valued between R10,000 and R1,500,000.

K.Y. Auction House

Why do this? Well, it’s certainly a fun and novel approach to an industry that is often for a certain type of people, professionals and those seemingly over the age of 40.

This is not exactly a new concept, in the United Stated whole storage containers go up for sale with the goods inside entirely unknown. The K.Y Auction House is fairly much this scaled-down somewhat to boxes that are no bigger than a wardrobe.

Online Casino in South Africa

The appeal behind this certainly has connotations of gambling involved. There is that element of risk in what you spend, but ultimately there is a potential profit to be had from those daring enough to take the task on. If we take the example of South Africa’s most popular online casino which is called Yebo Casino.

Casino gameplay is exactly the same, the auction boxes here, however, take the form of games like roulette, poker, slot machines, blackjack, bingo, and various others. The risks are exactly the same, you place your money on something in hopes of a profitable outcome. The only difference is that with a casino like Yebo, the returning rewards can climb beyond the R15,000,000 mark!

Auction House V.S. Online Casino

So, can an auction house compete with the opportunities a casino can provide and vice versa, can an online casino compete with the form of gambling K.Y Auction House provides?

Mention auctioning to the younger generation and the idea of spending money on old objects wouldn’t be too appealing. The so-called millennial generation perhaps doesn’t have the time or energy to go to an auction and if given the choice, the online casino of Yebo would most likely be the preferred option. However, there is very much an appeal of not knowing what game you are playing. If you play a slot game or blackjack game in Yebo online casino, then you know what you’re getting, but having a blind bidding game and there is something that is entirely more mysterious and, therefore, plays more on our human curiosities.

For us, Yebo Casino can be fun for those that like to achieve big wins from a whole range of fun games, even if you want to win them through their free bonus offers. But for us, it’s about the collection of antiques and the K.Y Auction House will be having a visit from us pretty soon.

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